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4 All-Natural Restless Leg Solutions

Restless legs

What do you do if you have restless legs? It’s painful at night, it feels like pins and needles, and it can happen during the day as well. 

What’s going on there? There are two primary things to look at: 

  1. The nerves 
  2. The muscle & balance of fluid in the muscle

Restless leg syndrome affects millions of people, but with the simple natural steps I’m going to teach you below, we can alleviate its painful symptoms. 

Sea Salt and Water

Take ½ teaspoon of sea salt, put it in 4-6 oz. of water, and drink it right before bed. 

Many people have poor electrolyte balances in their bodies, so their muscles can’t recover properly from daily movement and they get twitchy at night. 

Put salt into your body–real salt, like Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt, not highly-processed table salt. Redmond’s Real Sea Salt is what we have in our cupboard, and that’s what I’d recommend. 


In the afternoon, don’t drink Gatorade for electrolytes, drink Energyze. This is a drink I formulated to put magnesium, potassium, salts, taurine, vitamin C, and D-Ribose, which are the best amino acids for your muscles, into your body.

Drink that in the afternoon, and sea salt at night, to see an amazing difference.

For those of you that start losing weight and/or are following the steps that we put in my free book, you’re reducing the insulin in your body. When insulin is lowering, something’s got to keep the fluids balanced, especially in your legs.

When you’re losing weight, you’re also depleting salt and magnesium, which can create cramping or restless leg syndrome. If you’re experiencing these or getting really cold while you’re fasting, you have to get more salts in.

We made it easy to deal with all this with Energyze, which is a sugar-free form of Gatorade.

Methylated Version of B Vitamins

With methylated vitamins, our body doesn’t have to go through the process of converting the vitamin, which some people have a lot of problems with. Why are B vitamins important for a case like this? B vitamins help the blood vessels that support the nerves in the leg.

You can get your B vitamins back with our best-selling collagen multivitamin, which comes in both vanilla and chocolate. It will replenish those blood vessels that are supplying your nerves and help the nerve flow in your legs…

Nerve Damage

If there is damage to your lumbar spine, sacrum, or hips, those nerves go all the way down your legs and affect them greatly. I would recommend rehabbing these or getting a chiropractic analysis of that lower area to find damage to the nerves that are supplying the legs.


There are tips on how you can rehab the lower back and the hips on I would highly recommend checking those out to rehab the low spine because that’s where the nerves head down into the legs from the lower back. 

Go to the source, and address it at the source. 

You can beat it. Grab the book. If you need a place to start, it walks you through a lot of those lifestyle steps that we just discussed.

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