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Seasonal Allergies (Natural Remedies)


A Better Way To Avoid Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies (or all-year-long), you may have undergone extensive testing (i.e. pins and needles) or you’re taking harmful medications that are going to create a lot of side effects long-term. You simply cannot stay on them long-term and be healthy. What do you do? You’re dependent on them because the problem never goes away! There’s a better way to get to the cause of the issue!:

Nervous System

The nervous system controls your immune system and allergies. If your brain can’t communicate to your sinuses, your skin, your digestive system – then they won’t work the way they were designed to. Damage to the neurology could cause those allergies – so you may not have an allergy issue, but a neurology issue. Find a corrective chiropractic doctor that can properly analyze the nervous system and get under regular care to deal with the brain/body disconnect.

Raw Local Honey / Bee Pollen

Raw local honey and bee pollen are helpful in building up the defense system to fight against allergens. Use raw local honey in a tea or hot drink, and you can buy bee pollen at a local health food store! It’s pretty tasty and you can put it in a smoothie to easily ingest it. Both are really good solutions to help boost your body’s natural defense against those local allergens.

Add Probiotics and Vitamin D

Vitamin D & probiotics will help boost your immune system and have been suggested to prevent allergies from developing in the first place! These are an absolute must if you have allergies.

Cut Sugar

Sugars and dairy will make allergies worse and produce more mucus. Cutting sugars and carbs, bread, crackers, grains, juices out of your diet is going to help the symptoms associated with allergies (especially when you’re having a flare-up). Dairy products only add fuel to the fire, so limit those and feed your body the good raw materials it needs to fend off those allergies. Try a 21-day challenge to fast from sugar.

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