Anti-Inflammatory Diet Benefits [+ Action Steps]

Inflammation impacts 98% of all disease, so let’s dive into the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet!

Inflammation is not the enemy, it’s the things that are causing the inflammation. That means we need to cut out a few things to minimize it. An anti-inflammatory diet can help us do that…

Things To Cut Out

foods causing inflammation

Processed Foods

This one’s pretty obvious and most diets will cut these out. These are processed sugars, processed packaged food, and fast food. All these are loaded with toxins and preservatives that inflames the system. 


Most grains are genetically modified in our country. Grains include wheat, bread, crackers, chips, tortillas …etc and they also contain lots of gluten. Gluten is a protein that can’t be broken down, so it just sticks to the inside of your system creating inflammation.


Nightshades contain a chemical found in peppers and tomatoes as well as specific fruits and veggies, like eggplant that can irritate the system.


Consuming too many fibrous foods such as nuts and seeds (including nut milk) irritates the system for some people with sensitivities.


Milk, cheese and other dairy products are other inflammatory foods that will produce sinus issues as well as digestive issues for some.

Foods that cause inflammation

Once you start eliminating these items from your diet, you’re allowing the system to relax, and most importantly HEAL!

What health issues can an Anti-Inflammatory Diet help with?

Gut & Digestion

Your gut is responsible for 80% of the inflammation in your body and most inflammatory foods create an over-abundance of acid, leading to acid reflux. Removing inflammatory foods heals the gut and gets the immune system healthy.


An anti-inflammatory diet is extremely beneficially for heart-related- problems because it lowers the blood pressure (because you don’t have as much inflammation) its also been shown to lower the cholesterol!


Eating anti-inflammatory foods will help joint issues such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, pain & swelling because it decreases the inflammation in your body and allows it to move more freely.

anti-inflammatory diet benefits

The Anti-Inflammatory Bottom Line

Lowering inflammation in the body literally decreases your chances of cancer because it gives the body a chance to heal. This doesn’t mean that other low-sugar or low-carb approaches can’t work, but anti-inflammatory has some incredible benefits we should all be looking into. 

Want to learn more about the Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Well… Then watch this video to find out How To Eat An Anti-Inflammatory Diet!