How To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally

The average American eats over 150 pounds of sugar every single year…because we’re addicted!

When it comes to sugar, studies have shown that it’s more addictive to your brain than a drug like cocaine is! What happens with addiction is you end up needing more and more in order to get that same dopamine release and marketing companies are taking advantage of you and hiding sugar in everything!

Breaking An Addiction

Your cells have receptors on them and those decide what to do with the sugar that you’re ingesting (should it store it, or use it as energy)? When you’re over-consuming sugar, those receptors get overworked and start to actually reject that excess sugar back into your system. This backup turns into excess fat – and even worse, diabetes.

Just like drugs, in order to break a sugar addiction, you’ve got to cut it out completely (cold turkey) so you can give the cells time to repair. Then, those cells won’t need to form a resistance to the sugar and the insulin levels can actually deal with it as it comes, resulting in fewer cravings. Your body can then switch from sugar-burning mode to fat-burning mode!

How Long Does It Take & What to Expect?

I would recommend a minimum of 21 days to break that sugar-burning cycle. The first 3-7 days can be a rough “withdrawal” period where you may see headaches, changes in energy & sleep problems.

After that, you’re taste buds actually start to change and by around days 14-21, you’d be disgusted at how overly-sweet some of the foods you cut out are! If you tried having one of your usual sugary drinks, for example, you’d really get a wake-up call. Your body had been desensitized to the amount of sweetness that you were putting in, but now – you may even crave vegetables instead of sweets because a sugar fast will change your cells!

Once you’ve healed the receptors and break the addiction, add natural sugars like fruit and honey back in so you can get good nutrients back onto the body and experience real health.